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Tyisha Smith Collegiate Sudent-Athlete

Current College Player
“Thank you coach Brandon for inviting me to Trained University Basketball camp. This camp was a great experience for me and other college young ladies that want to develop as a player on a college and Pro level. This camp taught me the essence of basketball skill set, the difference between hard attempts and soft attempts, Fundamental building blocks to basketball, Mindset, Challenge in becoming skilled and etc. These are things that will help me and other girls be efficient on the floor. I also enjoyed learning TrainedU Philosophies and Perspectives because I learned what basketball is about, tempo - the change of speed and/ or direction, creating space and focus. I've been to many college elite camps for the best high school players in the country and can honestly say that this is the first I've seen that has taught the science of basketball.”

Kelley Gibson – Assistant Coach Rutgers University

Former WNBA and World Champion
15 years ago....Brandon Adams helped shape my life as a player. Today he’s doing the same as coach. I’ve gained more basketball knowledge, but more importantly, I’ve gained more character development insight. I love the fact that there are life lessons built into the program - What an extraordinary journey!

Jocelyn ‘JoJo’ Jones Collegiate Student-Athlete

Current Division 1 Student-Athlete
“Going through iTrainedU was a unique experience where Coach Adams helped me look at the game differently. I was able to make connections with skills and concepts that I have learned over my years of training and coaches. I feel that there was a missing link that I found during this clinic that allowed me dissect my game further. Talking with Coach Adams really encourage to step outside my comfort zone. Never did I think that I would be able to add fluidity and finesse to my game where I see myself as powerful and dominant.”
Jennie Brown

Jennie Brown – Former Student-Athlete

Rollins College '04
“Not only have you given me the tools to dominate life on and off the court, but you helped me develop the confidence to tangibly demonstrate and apply all I have learned.” “Every aspect of my life has improved just by having known you, by going beyond basketball you have taught me to play the game of life. All concepts and situations I have encountered on the basketball court are simply metaphors for things I will face in the real world.”

Fred McCarrick – Michael’s Father

“Without question, Michael is a much better basketball player having been in Brandon’s training program for the last three years. Michael has the best fundamentals and individual skills of any of his teammates on his high school freshmen team. Working with Brandon has helped Michael develop a tight handle, the moves off the dribble to create his own offense, and a jump shot that will only get better as he matures physically. And in all the sessions that Michael has had working with Brandon, Brandon always has had an encouraging word to say."

Fred Scarboro – Alex’s Father

Brandon Adams, Founder and CEO of iTrainedU, has exposed my son (Alex) to the complexity and beauty of basketball.  The results speak for themselves. Alex’s court acuity, ball handling, passing and rebounding skills have grown appreciably. His travel and school basketball teams have won championships since my son has been in the program. Basketball is a team sport.  I cannot measure Brandon’s impact with mathematical precision.  But I can see the impact of Brandon’s work. He has helped Alex become a better, student, athlete and critical decision maker.
Kaila Charles Action

Kaila Charles Collegiate Student-Athlete

2016 Consensus High School All-American
As a trainee in the ITrainedU program for the last 4 years, I can say honestly say that my perspective and way of thinking of the game of basketball has changed. Coach Adams' program has not only improve my performance on the court, but also my approach to the game and my basketball IQ. I really appreciate how Coach Adams vividly explains every aspect and little detail of a skill, it allows me to fully understand when, why, and how to execute a certain skill according to the defense. The ITrainedU curriculum can drastically advance any player's game for the better!

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