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The U is a curriculum based skill development environment. It allows for players to take courses in basketball subject matter. I Trained U has a proprietary drill and development system that can be clinic based or private based. These pure ROOT fundamentals are designed to help parents and players understand what skills are necessary to compete at higher levels and where there are gaps in those fundamentals are for players.
Parents have the ability to look through our extensive course catalogue and learn about each subject and course through our description portal. Parents can either register for a course they are interested in and join a clinic or they can request a private training course by one of our certified staff. Once a course is completed you can take some of the higher level courses offered at that time.
Courses are offered based on parental interest. Parents will receive emails and can register through the email portal or they can request a custom clinic or private lesson.
Recommendations will be offered for what classes to take first and players can jump around their general studies but they cannot take classes that they will not understand. Just because you have experience in playing basketball, players will be lost without learning the ROOT Fundamentals as fast as possible. Learning is understanding physically and understanding intellectually as well. Players can also receive evaluations from I Trained U counselors to design a course after an initial evaluation.
Most clinics are random in their topics and teaching and most are babysitting classes. We offer a disciplined environment with competent staff. Our systems and curriculum is called a closed system meaning that it is not open to interpretation. Every staff person teaches the same curriculum format to not confuse the players. The difference between our skill development progam and others is the detail we go into with our movements. The attention to detail in each movement, starting with the ROOT fundamentals, allows us to develop more effective and impactful movements in our players. Other companies use apparatuses, cones, chairs, special equipment which all are wonderful to help tactical development. Those things do not help players get past the primary defenders and read the rest of the defense to understand how to score or set their teammates up for success. Our programming provides specific details for tactical development as well as functional and applicable development. This means that players can make an impact in games immediately once their confidence and physical understand of the movement is established.
Organizations can form to expose players to a group of courses for a given set of subjects and a given time period.
Each course is different. Please look in the description for the length. In general, players will have a file created for each them to make sure their courses are tracked responsibly and given access to a private video channel to continue practice the drills and skills they learned. In addition, there will be awards, gear and promotions given to players after they complete a certain number of courses in the catalogue.

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