Virtual IQ Basketball Training

What is VIQ Training and how can I benefit from it?


Virtual training for basketball is an amazing way to lock in the critical awareness of a pattern, build the processing speed and master the associated skills  needed to create  successful outcomes over and over again.  By learning the Itrainedu Matrix Curriculum and studying game footage of the best players in the world using the proven skillsets, it shortens the learning curve of on the court application.  So many coaches say “just play more” and AAU has provided  that opportunity.  However, why aren’t more players improving? Trial and error learning works, but it is non-specific, not quantifiable, subjective, slow and for most – not helpful to better consistent play.  The reason is simple and to the point; players don’t truly understand application without simulation in the brain.  Doing homework and studying the who, what, where , why and how bridges the long needed gap in player development without overtraining.  Whether its space ships, airplanes, military maneuvers or just about anything, virtual training simulators create a safe but stressful environment to train the mind and get extraordinarily fast application results.

  1. Learn to play the game
  2. Learn Active vs Passive IQ visualization
  3. Learn how we use the offense to know when the best opportunity to attack
  4. Learn why the best players in the world are who they are and the rules they use
  5. Learn each position and what your role is
  6. How to play without the ball
  7. Build Pattern Recognition and Processing Speed to achieve Skill Application Solution
  8. Neural programming development using Central awareness study
  9. Define your mental style of play
  10. Become extremely specific and detailed on all aspects of play
  11. Learn the history of the game
  12. Be a coach on the floor recognizing team skill and individual skill
  13. Learn how to scout players and teams
  14. Learn how to become your own scouting report
  15. Know Reasons, Rules and Natural Laws of Basketball
  16. Vicarious Learning Isolation
  17. Learn how to manage curriculum in your development – See it…
  18. Homework is critical to our success!


What Will A Player Be Able To Do After VIQ!

  1. Recognize a pattern forming for Individual opportunities and/ or Team
  2. Instantly and instinctively know successful outcomes
  3. Create a Per Possession Evaluation(PPE) on a player and/ or team
  4. Match your PPE to how you want to play
  5. Understand an offense better
  6. Learn a players defensive weaknesses – Defensive Psychological Force (DPF)
  7. Be able to make an impact on any team
  8. Make players around you better
  9. Develop skills needed to meet patterns for better practices and faster application
  10. Become a Coach on the floor!!!


Why Virtual IQ?

Have you ever wondered why players burn out?  Or maybe don’t reach their full potential? Most players don’t have the time, resources or understanding of how to keep pushing their game to the next levels. If you fail to plan, then you have planned to fail.  Many coaches don’t have the time or understanding to take players to new heights . Why would they and do they even have the time? Especially since coaches are not child psychologists or professional strategists who understand the complexity and complement of psychological and personal skill development along with team development. 


Without question height and athleticism are critical to the success of a player. Some players just have a mentality of toughness, and in all cases they make an impact. 

The fact is that basketball is far too complex for a player to not have structure for development to fight to gain skill to combat the natural gifts of a competitor. And to that end, if the opponent is athletic and skillful then you have no choice but to be more skillful to stand out. 


How do you separate yourself from yourself and then separate yourself from others?  This is the Balance of Separation… You have to improve intellectually, physically, and emotionally to have a chance at next level opportunities.  In fact, IQ is paramount to building a style of play that becomes predictable and consistent to have confidence to want to challenge the best competition to see what deficiencies that player has and then to know exactly what to fix. 


Virtual IQ (VIQ) training utilizes a proprietary platform to teach concepts, rules, laws and more. Once these approaches to higher level play are observed, taught and trained into muscle memory and into the minds pattern recognition, player excel.  The processing speed of the pattern is perfect but to add the associated skill completes the player and the play. 

How do we achieve success!

We do this by analyzing players on all levels including the player themself and through repetition of teaching the skill. Teaching the pattern and teaching the associated skill options players IQ increases and real application on the court becomes significantly faster.

It takes hundreds of classwork training and observations, then independent homework time watching videos and applying the curriculum based rubric of the program.  So when you are playing there is a seamless fast transition to the court that a coach does not have time to teach.  In addition, on the court trainers typically don’t understand how to do much more than a workout or create non relevant drills for players. How do you become Steph Curry or Kyrie Irving or James Harden? These are some of today’s greatest players but they are not exceptional athletes. They can score on anyone and what they do on the court is no accident. Their success was a secret until now!  This critical understanding means everyone has a chance to become amazingly skillful physically and intellectually.

I Trained U’s Virtual IQ Training or VIQ trains the critical curricular breakdown of game film and techniques and gives the player a competitive advantage that is difficult to duplicate. 


Per Possession Evaluation (PPE) – A blueprint for understanding a players tendendancies, habits, style of play based on the curriculum of the Matrix.  This gives a complete evaluation of a player within a possession.  The evaluation starts with an opportunity within a possession that creates an open possession and if the player does the skill then they are considered to have closed the skill of that possession.  This will also create an efficiency rating of that particular pattern. This ensures development of a style that a player can grow from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the Basketball VIQ do that I can’t get from my coach?


Q: Aren’t there youtube videos or other free resources to plug into and get the same results?


Q: What is the youngest age to start the VIQ?


Q: What does homework look like?


Q: How many classes are needed to say that i understand the VIQ?


Q: Why can’t my son or daughter just play more and figure this out on their own through trial and error?


Q; What if my coach uses different terminology than taught in the VIQ then won’t that confuse the player and frustrate the coach?


Q: How would a Pro or a College player benefit from the VIQ?


Q: Why does it cost so much?


Q: I am a college coach and want to join this program. How will it benefit me or my players?


Q: How long will it take a player to apply the IQ in practice or games?


Q: How do high school players and coaches work together with the VIQ?


Q: What if I am a Pro, how should I utilize the VIQ in my game?


Register For One on One Classes, Small Clinic(6), or Player Webinars

Get a Zoom Id and Password once registered and be prepared to do learn amazing insights to how the greatest players in the world use signature moves everytime they touch the court.  Get excited to do homework and become more than a spectator as a player.  Become a dynamic contribution whose basketball IQ is extraordinary!

Sunday VIQ Clinic

Basketball Virtual IQ Skill Development Clinic
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Online: Zoom ID and Password Required
Brandon Adams

Tyisha Smith Collegiate Sudent-Athlete

Current College Player
“Thank you coach Brandon for inviting me to Trained University Basketball camp. This camp was a great experience for me and other college young ladies that want to develop as a player on a college and Pro level. This camp taught me the essence of basketball skill set, the difference between hard attempts and soft attempts, Fundamental building blocks to basketball, Mindset, Challenge in becoming skilled and etc. These are things that will help me and other girls be efficient on the floor. I also enjoyed learning TrainedU Philosophies and Perspectives because I learned what basketball is about, tempo - the change of speed and/ or direction, creating space and focus. I've been to many college elite camps for the best high school players in the country and can honestly say that this is the first I've seen that has taught the science of basketball.”

Kelley Gibson – Assistant Coach Rutgers University

Former WNBA and World Champion
15 years ago....Brandon Adams helped shape my life as a player. Today he’s doing the same as coach. I’ve gained more basketball knowledge, but more importantly, I’ve gained more character development insight. I love the fact that there are life lessons built into the program - What an extraordinary journey!

Jocelyn ‘JoJo’ Jones Collegiate Student-Athlete

Current Division 1 Student-Athlete
“Going through iTrainedU was a unique experience where Coach Adams helped me look at the game differently. I was able to make connections with skills and concepts that I have learned over my years of training and coaches. I feel that there was a missing link that I found during this clinic that allowed me dissect my game further. Talking with Coach Adams really encourage to step outside my comfort zone. Never did I think that I would be able to add fluidity and finesse to my game where I see myself as powerful and dominant.”
Jennie Brown

Jennie Brown – Former Student-Athlete

Rollins College '04
“Not only have you given me the tools to dominate life on and off the court, but you helped me develop the confidence to tangibly demonstrate and apply all I have learned.” “Every aspect of my life has improved just by having known you, by going beyond basketball you have taught me to play the game of life. All concepts and situations I have encountered on the basketball court are simply metaphors for things I will face in the real world.”

Fred McCarrick – Michael’s Father

“Without question, Michael is a much better basketball player having been in Brandon’s training program for the last three years. Michael has the best fundamentals and individual skills of any of his teammates on his high school freshmen team. Working with Brandon has helped Michael develop a tight handle, the moves off the dribble to create his own offense, and a jump shot that will only get better as he matures physically. And in all the sessions that Michael has had working with Brandon, Brandon always has had an encouraging word to say."

Fred Scarboro – Alex’s Father

Brandon Adams, Founder and CEO of iTrainedU, has exposed my son (Alex) to the complexity and beauty of basketball.  The results speak for themselves. Alex’s court acuity, ball handling, passing and rebounding skills have grown appreciably. His travel and school basketball teams have won championships since my son has been in the program. Basketball is a team sport.  I cannot measure Brandon’s impact with mathematical precision.  But I can see the impact of Brandon’s work. He has helped Alex become a better, student, athlete and critical decision maker.
Kaila Charles Action

Kaila Charles Collegiate Student-Athlete

2016 Consensus High School All-American
As a trainee in the ITrainedU program for the last 4 years, I can say honestly say that my perspective and way of thinking of the game of basketball has changed. Coach Adams' program has not only improve my performance on the court, but also my approach to the game and my basketball IQ. I really appreciate how Coach Adams vividly explains every aspect and little detail of a skill, it allows me to fully understand when, why, and how to execute a certain skill according to the defense. The ITrainedU curriculum can drastically advance any player's game for the better!